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Our Focus


PARco provides specific soil amendments that substantially conserve water and soil resources while improving efficiencies of plant nutrition, plant health and plant vigor.


PARco distributes non hazardous biostimulants and provides a complete array of soil and water conserving products to agriculture, landscape contractors, hydro-seeding contractors, hydro-mulching contractors, turf grass growers, sports field operators, golf course superintendents and wholesale nursery operators.


PARco specializes in state-of-the-art soil amendments that specifically target the soil of the root zone to promote growth, eliminate erosion, eliminate excessive sediment in surface runoff and sequester soil pathogens.


PARco provides products and services to modify any existing soil of the root zone and change the characteristics of the substrate to naturally stimulate growth of life-sustaining feeder roots of any plant.


PARco has the technology to modify the existing soil substrate without substantially disrupting "play" on the turf.


PARco provides numerous organic formulations that promote and maintain healthy plant tissue and roots. Plants will thrive in a well balanced root zone.

Our Mission

PARco places the highest priority on timeliness, competitiveness and quality for our products and services. PARco pursues their objectives with a commitment to personal integrity and honorable business standards.

Company Brief

PARco has provided innovative solutions for the sequestration and extraction of pollutants from ancient mining sites using specific microorganisms and polyacrylamides.

PARco provides products to schools and public recreational facilities that make playing fields for baseball, football, golf, softball and soccer perform at their optimal level.

PARco supplies products listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and approved by CCOF.

PARco represents the Turf Grass and Golf Division of Pro's Choice.

PARco represents Sweetwater Technologies Corporation and Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation as a provider of soluble and non-soluble polyacrylamides (PAM) to increase soil infiltration, control erosion, minimize pathogenic water contamination and eliminate sediment.

PARco provides specialized back-fill material to golf course aerification and coring services throughout central California.

PARco provides custom blends of back-fill materials to modify and enhance substandard soils on athletic fields.

Contact Information

PARco is based in Santa Barbara.

Telephone: 805-962-3485

Facsimile: 805-962-6718

Field Office:
6034 Hollister Ave., Goleta, CA 93117
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