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SoilmasterPlus is a porous ceramic soil conditioner manufactured from Montmorillonite clay. SoilmasterPlus is processed to create a non friable ceramic aggregate that is similar to graded sand in size and shape. SoilmasterPlus will not plate or layer-out in the root zone substrate. SoilmasterPlus adds porosity to the soil to help maintain an aerated growing environment. The air-filled pore spaces provided by the ceramic particles improve the passage of water, nutrients and Oxygen to the root-zone.

SoilmasterPlus will not compact. The dust-free kiln-fired particles of SoilmasterPlus are extremely hard. They add porosity to the soil and help maintain a loose, aerated growing environment. A porous and non-compacted root-zone results in a vigorous root system with better leaf blades and top growth.

SoilmasterPlus resists degradation. The heat-treated ceramic particles are processed to deliver permanent results and will not decompose or breakdown in the soil. SoilmasterPlus is chemically inert and remains stable in the presence of water, fertilizers, toxic materials and fluctuating temperatures.

SoilmasterPlus is absorbent. The absorption and cationic exchange capabilities of SoilmasterPlus enables it to retain and efficiently transfer moisture and nutrients to the plant's root zone. During periods of heat stress SoilmasterPlus is able to assist in providing a water reservoir which is freely released throughout the root-zone. This cycle of absorption and moisture release is repeatedly indefinitely.

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Last modified: 01/28/05