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A universal liquid potassium based polymer that combines the performance of 5 products into 1.

    Reduces watering requirements by 20 to 40%
    Dramatically increases water filtration
    Reduces water friction for rapid soil penetration
    Prevents build-up of sodium salts
    Enhances performance of all other products

JetWet is formulated to provide increased water retention and effective uniform filtration throughout any soil profile. The linear copolymers and humectants provide a means for a significant reduction of applied water during irrigation. The multipurpose formulation of JetWet TG maintains and releases moisture to the root of the plant over a long period time.

When JetWet is used at a maintenance level concentration the soluble salts in solution will be rendered unavailable for root uptake and further build up of salts from affluent water sources and fertilizer application will be eliminated.

JetWet contains negatively charged linear copolymers that attach and hold positively charged materials such as nitrogen -- preventing loss through run-off and soil leaching.  Pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers are held in place for maximum efficacy while reducing the possibility of run-off and cross contamination.  Holding these materials in the root zone makes them far more effective as well as cost efficient.

JetWet stabilizes the soil and ensures maximum use of all applied products, especially nitrogen.

Moisture Management
JetWet encapsulates water molecules to reduce water friction and provides easy surface penetration through the thatch layer thus reducing soil movement. JetWet prevents and eliminates hydrophobic soil conditions and turf stress due to water repellency. Water is rapidly removed from the surface preventing piddling allowing for a fast return to play on sports turf grass after rains or irrigation. The control of moisture retention relieves drought and heat stress with a reduction of applied irrigation water per cycle.

JetWet provides proper wetting and drainage in non-soil media as well as eliminating water repellency in potting mixtures utilizing bark and peat. In container plants, it evenly distributes applied water throughout and prevents surface drying. JetWet will improve plant survival during heat stress conditions and greatly enhance over seeding, grown-in and sod installations.

Soil Surfactant
JetWet eliminates localized dry spots by providing uniform water filtration throughout the soil profile. It eliminates water repellency in the soil and quickly relieves plant stress due to the inability of water to infiltrate the root zone. Turf stress is immediately eliminated on hills and slopes. Water will flow evenly throughout the soil profile without retaining excessive moisture that causes unwanted fungi.

Wetting Agent
JetWet contains compounds that increase soil microbial activity and hold nitrogen and nutrients at the root zone for easy plant uptake. JetWet helps prevent leaching of products and surface run-off. Holding organophosphates in the soil reduces the leaching of these toxins which improves upon their desired performance. The affinity for nitrogen reduces the nitrate leaching into the aquifer. Retaining the nitrates in the root zone contributes to a healthy root system and improved playing surface of the turf grass.


Rates of Application:

Wetting Agent                6 oz per 1000 square feet

Soil Penetrate                 1 gallon per acre as a spray

Maintenance per Month    64 oz per acre as a spray

Adjuvant                        5 to 10 oz per 100 gallons to enhance primary agent


JetWet must be thoroughly agitated with water prior to application. After application immediately irrigate lightly to insure access root zone and prevent crystallization.

Do not apply directly to flowering plants as petals will brown.


The recommended ratio is 40:1 parts of water to JetWet. This ratio will ensure a proper distribution when spraying or fertigating.


Grass Turf

Use 1 gallon of JetWet blended with 40 gallons of water for every 10,000 sq. ft. of turf grass surface area.


Trees and Shrubs

The general application rate for newly planted trees and shrubs is 3 oz. per inch of root ball. Blend each 3 oz. of JetWet with 1 gallon of water.


Established trees and shrubs will require 6 oz. per inch of lower trunk diameter. Blend 1 gallon of water with each 6 oz. increment of JetWet.


Apply with a boom or tank spray apparatus. JetWet may also be applied by drip irrigation, hose end sprayer, overhead sprinklers, pivot sprinklers or fertigation systems.


Application for established trees should be by injection or soil drench.


Reduce watering cycles after plant recovery.


Active Ingredients 50% by weight

Liquid acrylamide copolymer, humectants and sulfates.


Environmental and Personal Hazards

JetWet is non hazardous to humans, animals and fish. There are no known environmental hazards associated with this product.




Last modified: 01/28/05