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Rutopiatm dramatically improves foliage, overall appearance and growth. Turf grass becomes more lush and green. Overall plant stress is reduced and plant survival is increased. Rutopiatm strengthens and promotes vigorous root growth and reduces overall environmental stress caused by drought, temperature variations, compaction and heavy foot traffic. All available nutrients are more easily metabolized since the formula aids in water transference to the plant roots. Rutopiatm coats the roots and the organics surrounding the roots in the "root zone".

Rutopiatm prevents disease causing fungi such as "Fairy Rings" by killing the spores that mature into the "Fairy Ring" fungus, thus breaking the cycle of the disease. Rutopiatm supplies all nutrients for plant growth with a comprehensive set of micro-nutrients and vigorous biostimulants. The result is a strengthening of the root cells resulting in a healthier plant.

Rutopiatm prevents nitrogen loss with the addition of "nitrogen fixing" bacteria. These nitrogen fixing bacteria absorb atmospheric nitrogen and hold it in the root zone preventing it from being leached out during irrigation cycles.

Rutopiatm promotes cell growth allowing the plant to uptake nutrients more rapidly by placing phosphorous solublizing bacteria into the soil. The formula provides for additional microbial activity in the soil further promoting root and cell growth. Organic compounds, derived from humates, coat both roots and soil resulting in a more efficient use of nutrients.

Rutopiatm can be surface applied by a boom sprayer, drip irrigation, fertigation system, overhead sprinklers, pipe flow or ditch head systems. The application of Rutopiatm  should be combined with a solution of JetWet, TeraFlo or Sentinel to insure thorough penetration of the formulation.

Aerification of turf grass is strongly recommended prior to the application of Rutopiatm so as to assure optimal penetration through the root zone. The treated area must be irrigated to 1/8 inch immediately after application.

It is essential that the combined solution of water, Sentinel and Rutopiatm be aggressively and thoroughly agitated to suspend all the components before spraying. Use mechanical or jet agitation while introducing Rutopiatm and Sentinel into the spray tank or injection unit containing the clean mixing water.

Application Rates
Existing Grass Turf
Spray the established turf with a solution of 4 gallons Rutopiatm and 16 pounds of Infiltrator DP per acre blended with a minimum of 160 gallons of water. (A ratio of 40:1.) It will be necessary to irrigate the turf immediately after the solution is applied so as to transport the Rutopiatm into the root zone. Irrigate with 1/8 inch of water.

Erosion Control (Hydroseeding)
Use 12 ounces of Rutopiatm and 12 ounces of Sentinel DP per 1000 square feet of grass or other hydraulically applied seed. Mix with 4 gallons of water as a slurry to be added to the hydroseeding supply tank.

Use 6 gallons of Rutopiatm and 24 pounds of Infiltrator per acre on sand based soil substrates.

Active Ingredients 70% by weight
Natural sugars, humectants, beneficial microbes, trace amounts of vitamin A, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid (C9H17NO5), riboflavin, thiamine, fluvic acid, humic acid, manganese chelate, iron chelate, ascophyllum nodosum, yucca schidigera, vitamin B complex, vitamin K, vitamin C, nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphorus solublizing bacteria.

Environmental and Personal Hazards
There are no know environmental hazards associated with the use of this product. It poses no danger to humans, animals or fish. Flush eyes with clean water if product comes in contact with eyes. If large amount is ingested, drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. It should pass through the digestive system. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.


Last modified: 01/28/05