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Root Myketm is a formulated nutrient specifically designed to enhance root growth and significantly improve nutrient uptake. 

Most undisturbed soils contain some mycorrhizal fungi. But modern soil management practices such as grading, fertilization, erosion and fumigation leave the soil ecosystem unproductive. Mycorrhizal fungi constitute the dominant type of microorganisms in most of the undisturbed soils of the earth. Mycorrhizal fungi are almost always missing from freshly graded sites. Root Myketm can quickly populate soil with live fungi to create a mycorrhizal zone in the soil ecosystem. Root Myketm, in the presence of roots, quickly fills the soil with a network of mycelium that enhances the ecosystem of the root zone.

The plants which benefit from a mycorrhizal zone are those with roots that are sparsely branched and have few root hairs. Perennial grasses are often highly mycotrophic. Some typical plants that are extremely mycotrophic are: grapes, avocados, citrus and bananas. Roses, asparagus, melons, tomatoes, peppers and squash also benefit greatly.

There are several types of mycorrhizae that differ by the kind of fungus, kind of plant and morphology of host and fungus interface. All have a common characteristic: Mycorrhizal fungi "plug into" the cortex of the plant root and at the same time pass into the soil, forming a bridge to the plant. All mycorrhizal fungi provide soil nutrients to the plant and draw energy compounds from the host.

Root Myketm  combines specific mycorrhizal fungi with other ingredients that enhance the absorption of available nutrients. The enhanced Root Myketm formula prevents nitrogen loss with nitrogen fixing bacteria that hold this important element in the root zone and make it available to the plant. This combines with the ability of the mycorrhizal fungi to aid in the uptake of phosphorus. One inoculation of Root Myketm  with a good host plant provides the major nutrients for vigorous root growth.

Root Myketm  inoculants contain highly selective LIVE strains of ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae fungi that will rapidly colonize in the root zone. The net effect is that root growth is enhanced and the defenses against stress elements are strengthened.

Root Myketm  increases root permeability and the water holding capacity of any soil. The plant can then efficiently utilize available nutrients and moisture while improving plant color without excessive top growth.

Root Myketm bio-stimulants assist in the delivery of nutrients during times of stress. When stressed, plants can't produce  certain necessary elements on its own. Root Myketm supplements these elements by making them available in the soil for immediate uptake. Root Myketm calls into play organic mechanisms to replenish needed nutrients into the soil allowing them to be metabolized more efficiently and decreasing required amounts of applied nitrate rich fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides.

Root Myketm adds organics to the soil and provides the proper formulation of components to initiate and sustain a high microbial activity in sand-based soils. Trichoderma beneficial fungi are also included as a unique addition to prevent disease causing fungi in the soil and at the plant roots. Trichoderma contains spores which grow around plant roots depriving pathogenic fungi nutrients and living space. The spores of Trichoderma produce antibiotic bacteria which destroy the spores of pathogenic fungi thus helping to prevent diseases such as Fairy Rings (A. campestris, L. sordida, L. perlatum, M. oreades, T. sordidum, etc.).

Root Myketm is an environmentally safe product designed and formulated to meet the cost effective requirements of the nursery industry while providing a technically superior product to the professional turf and plant production manager.


Root Myketm  can be applied by hand, sprayer, fertigation systems, irrigation or injection systems. The application of Root Myketm  should be combined with a solution of TeraFlo to insure thorough penetration and contact of the inoculate with plant roots.

Root Myketm  can be used as a soil drench or root dip prior to seeding, sprigging, transplanting or sod installation.
Root Myketm can be used to infuse the root zones of existing trees where the mycorrhiza may not exist or has been disturbed or destroyed by cultivation or other forms of soil mismanagement. When Root Myketm is used in this environment a programmed inoculation regimen may be required until hyphae have substantially developed into a mantle of mycelium. Ectomycorrhizal fungi enter the roots where the hyphae grow between the root cells but do not penetrate the root cells. Ectomycorrhizal fungi form a Hartig net that populates the interstices of the cells within the root. The hyphae of endomycorrhizal fungi, on the other hand, penetrate the cells of the root.
Since Root Myketm contains microorganisms that exceed the sieve size of spray filtering systems it is necessary to remove all screens in the spraying apparatus. The microorganisms will clog the screens if they are not removed.
It is essential that the combined solution of water, TeraFlo and Root Myketm be aggressively and thoroughly agitated to suspend all the components before spraying.
As a general rule for small plants, root dips or soil drenching only 16 ounces of Root Myketm is needed per gallon of water. Plant the seedling as normal then irrigate. The one gallon solution will typically inoculate 65 root balls in a seedling tray.
Spray the soil substrate with a solution of 6 gallons Root Myketm and 4 gallons of TeraFlo per acre blended with a minimum of 240 gallons of water. (A ratio of 40:1.) The sod may also be sprayed after installation with the same concentration. It will be necessary to irrigate the sod immediately after the solution is applied so as to transport the Root Myketm into the root zone. Irrigate with 1/8 inch of water.
A typical programmed infusion application rate for conifers to establish a mycorrhizosphere is to use 4 ounces of Root Myketm per gallon of water for each inch of trunk base diameter. To insure optimal infusion into the root zone blend 4 ounces of TeraFlo with each gallon of water used in the solution. This regimen should be continued on a 60 day cycle until the hyphae have been established within the root system.
Active Ingredients 70% by weight

Natural sugars, sugar plant extracts, humectants, surfactants, Trichoderma, beneficial  microbes, natural occurring vitamins, amino acids, humic substances, langbeinite, enzymes, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, fulvic acid, manganese, iron, ascophyllum, yucca schidigera, nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorous solublizing bacteria, sea kelp extract, live spores of ecto and endomycorrhizal fungi including: glomus mosseae, giaspora margarita, glomus brasillanum, glomus deserticola, glomus clarum, glomus etunicatum, glomus intraradices and proprietary additives.

Environmental and Personal Hazards
There are no know environmental hazards associated with the use of this product. It poses no danger to humans or animals. Flush eyes with clean water if product comes in contact with eyes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

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Last modified: 01/28/05