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Erosion Control
Infiltration Enhancement
Increased Seedling Emergence
Reduces Runoff
Effective on Slopes of 50%
Reduces Pathogen Counts in Runoff
"One ounce of PAM anchors as much as 1,000 pounds of topsoil that might otherwise be carried away by irrigation water."
[See: PAM Protects Against Pollutants and Pathogens, Peggy Greb, Agriculture Research, July 2002, pp. 4-6.]

Sentinel is an extremely effective erosion control additive that has been specifically designed for the hydroseeing and hydromulching industry. Its action varies from the conventional tackifiers. Sentinel increases water infiltration into the root zone of the soil. Sentinel is highly concentrated and very economical to use. It is available as a water soluble granule or as a liquid dispersion. The product is environmentally safe and biodegradable.



Significantly reduces sodium and chloride uptake into plant tissue. The tissue analysis shows a 45% decrease in the uptake of sodium and chloride. The salinity of the water was over 4,500 ppm. NaEx was sprayed on the test plot. Fourteen days later tissue cuttings were taken. When compared to the control tissue Na and Cl were reduced significantly while the percentage of nitrogen, calcium, boron, zinc and iron increased.. Read the laboratory procedure and complete analysis in the browser.



Increases Moisture Retention

Improves Water Penetration

Maintains Uniform Filtration

Increases the Efficacy of Fertilizers & Pesticides

Is a Surfactant, Wetting Agent and Adjuvant

Provides Immediate Drought Relief

JetWet reduces the buildup of soluble sodium salts in the root zone. The negatively charged linear copolymers of JetWet attach and hold positively charged elements, such as nitrogen, then release them to the feeder roots of the plant.


Rutopia tm

Effectively Eliminates Stress Conditions Related To:

Poor Root Development

Insufficient Nutritional Uptake

Soil Pathogens

Detrimental Fungi

Insect Pressure

Rutopiatm is a formulation of specific bacteria, spores, humic acids, plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins that assist developing seedlings and mature plants to achieve optimum nutritional uptake and fight root and tissue disease. Rutopiatm  also aids in rapid uptake of naturally occurring nutrients by environmentally stressed plants to facilitate a rapid recovery. The nitrogen fixing bacteria in the formula allows atmospheric nitrogen to be utilized by the plant. Results can be seen in a few days after application. In a matter of weeks the plant will be much more vigorous with an improved root structure and a greener - healthier foliage.


NitroLoc TM

Reduces Nitrate Leaching

Increases Plant Uptake of Nitrogen
Immediate Stress Control
Does Not Promote Excessive Leaf Growth
Increased Root Growth
Reduces the Leaching of Nitrogen From Applied Fertilizers
NitroLoc TM will turn stressed, discolored turf a vibrant green in a matter of days. It is a liquefied copolymer containing surfactants, humectants and other additives having applications for grass turf and horticulture. It has the unique ability to attach, hold and transfer moisture into plant roots.


Root Myke TM

Promotes Root Growth

Relieves Plant Stress

Root Inoculant


Fungal Eradicator

Root Myke is a combination of organic materials and plant extracts formulated to promote root growth, improve foliage appearance, reduce overall plant stress and improve the uptake of nutrients. Root Myke also contains a live root inoculate with highly selective strains of colonizing ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi. A programmed use of Root Myke will result in a sustainable population of mycorrhizal fungi.


Soilmaster Plus TM

Relieves Soil Compaction

Allows Water and Oxygen to Penetrate the Root Zone

Increases Beneficial Microbial Growth of Inoculants

Controls Localized Dry Spots

Retains Nutrients and Reduces Leaching

Eliminates Surface Algae

Increases Permeability

Improves Drainage

SoilmasterPlus is a highly porous ceramic soil conditioner manufactured from Smectite or Montmorillonite clay. The kiln-fired clay produces a non-compacting lattice laden sand-like ceramic particle of a uniform size. These dust-free graded particles are combined with existing soil or are added to a topdressing to provide a key element for improved root zones.



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