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The tee area of a driving range showing the result of a single pass of a drill and fill core aerification process. The white material on the left and in the background is the top dressing of "USGA" silica sand. Some of the sand was blended with a ceramic granular additive to enhance porosity and resist compaction.

Cross sectional view of wafer illustrating how a blend of Soilmaster Plus and #20 silica sand fills a drilled perforation to a depth of 7.5 inches. The clay substrate was moist to the extreme and may have accounted for the partial collapse.     

The location of the trees on the Southern aspect of the driving range provided excessive shading to a portion of the tee area. The addition of ceramic granules over a period of time to the soil substrate will result in a more porous root zone. The added porosity will accommodate drying and the exchange of gasses in the biomass.

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Last modified: 01/28/05