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The objective of this field trial inoculation is to determine if root pathogens are less likely to stress treated plants than uninoculated plants of the same age and species. Inoculations of mycorrhizal fungi are being considered as a component of a total integrated pest management (IPM) system resulting in the suppression of pathogenic organisms.
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Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden

Forty specimens of selected roses were inoculated with a blend of mycorrhizal fungi and trichoderma. The plants will be observed during the growing season. The health of the plant and the root zone biomass will be compared to the field study controls.

March 2002 - The back four roses of each column were treated with mycorrhizae. The left photo shows the plants at the time of inoculation. The photo on the right was taken in June 2002. The "Child's Play" variety responded with surprising results. The roses flanking "Child's Play" responded favorably in a more typical fashion. The response of the "Child's Play" variety is remarkable, but not unexpected.


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