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Dethatching of outfield turf grass using the Aera-Vator multipurpose cultivator. The Aera-Vator is used on turf as well as on skinned areas. The Aera-Vator is used to perforate the root zone for aerification as well as dethatching and rolling established turf.

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The result of two passes by the Aera-Vator on an infield skinned area. The fracture tines aggressively loosened the clay as the rollers leveled and compacted the soil. The attached brush completed the  grooming operation.

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From this rain damaged infield ---


To this groomed surface in one pass.

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The shatter tines rotate as they perforate the hard surface of the skinned infield. The shatter tines are most effective on hard and dry infields.




Last modified: 01/28/05