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Product Studies
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Real World Field Studies of Products  

Ceramic Soil Amendments
     Ceramic Soil Conditioners for Turf (Adobe PDF format)
 Author: Henry T. Wilkinson Ph.D.

The Instant Expert Guide to Mycorrhiza (Adobe PDF format)
 Author: Ted St. John, Ph.D.
 Comparative Response ... Grapevine Rootstocks .. and Mycorrhizal Fungi (Adobe PDF format)
Author: Agricultural Research Service -  TEKTRAN Summary
Importance of Mycorrhizae for Agricultural Crops (Adobe PDF)
 Author: R. M.  Muchovej University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Science   

Polyacrylamide (PAM)
Controlling Erosion and Sediment Loss by Using PAM (Adobe PDF)
    Polyacrylamide Soil Amendment Effects on Runoff and Sediment Yield on Steep Slopes II:
      Natural Rainfall Conditions
      Author: Flannigan, D.C. et al.
PAM Protects Against Pollutants and Pathogens (Adobe PDF)
  Polyacrylamide nabs excess fertilizer nutrients and troublesome microbes before they can escape
    from fields and pollute ponds, lakes, streams or rivers.
     Author: Wood, Marcia. USDA ARS


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